Trial Software for you to Test

Trial software is free for you to use for a certain period of time. After the trial period, most of this software will not run an longer.

To continue using the software, you have to pay the license fee.

However, this trial period is adequate for creating enough graphic organizers for a the entire year.

Note: an exception to this rule is Mind Genius(TM). The Mind Genius(TM) program will continue to function after the trial period, and you will be able to load the Mind Maps you created. You just cannot create and save new maps with the program.

There is also a special trick that you can use to get the most out of the trial period for each of these software programs.

A number links to trial software programs are included in this eBook.

Some titles were selected because they are popular and widely used. Other titles were selected because they represent the best-in-class software for that software type. (We are not going to tell you which is which. (Well, maybe we will give some hints.)

The reason that we can't say which software title is "best" is the same reason that you can't say which of your students you like the best. Why? Well, things change. Picking one over another might not be fair. And, it all depends upon what you want.

For example, one teacher may like the always-questioning student that corrects every teacher error. Another teacher may not appreciate this type of behavior at all. In the end, this is a value judgment.

With Mind Mapping software, for instance, one teacher may like the simplest software that even children can use.

However, another teacher may like the top of the line professional program because the software also is useful for preparing classroom presentations for the master degree program in educational administration that he or she is taking at night. Different needs...and different points of view.

A third teacher may decide that the Open Source product is best because the family budget is tight, and the professional software costs represent a loss of the currency of a new parents... diapers and formula. As in, what their spouse responds when the subject of buying the software comes up, "We could buy a lot of diapers and formula with that money."

Trial Software that is include in this eBook includes:

Note: you must be connected to the Internet to use the links below.

Inspiration(TM) Trial (Mind Mapping)

A low cost mind mapping program. Many school districts purchase this program. Easy enough for children, but lacks the power and capabilities of the professional programs of this category

Inspiration for the Palm OS Trial (Mind Mapping for Palm Pilots)

A mind mapping program for the Palm(TM) handheld computer. Unfortunately, you need to purchase the Inspiration&8482; program for your desktop computer, too

Kidspiration Trial (mind mapping for Young Children)

A low-cost program suitable for young children. School districts often purchase licenses for this progam

Mind Genius(TM) Business or Education

A professional, fully capable mind mapping program

Mind Manager(TM) Trial (Mind Mapping)

A professional, fully capable mind mapping program

ScreenShot Captor(TM)

This program does not have the the capacity of a commercial program such as Snagit(TM). However, you can get this program for a minimal donation.

Snaggit(TM) Trial (Screen Capture)

A screen capture program. One of the best tools that you can own to manage graphics in a flexible and interchangeable way.

Surfulater(TM) Web Capture Software

Another tool that you need. This is not a graphic organizer program, but this software captures Web pages, including links and images.

The Brain(TM) Trial (Mind Mapping)

A unique dynamic mind mapping program. Great for seeing multiple relationships. Works the way the brain does in making connections to information

Visual Thesaurus(TM) Trial (Vocabulary Map)

Another "must have" for all teachers. This program show a concept map relationship of words. This can be use in all subjects and content areas.

For a sample of how this program was used to create Daily Oral Vocabulary lessons:

Note: you must be connected to the Internet to use the link below.

Sample Daily Oral Vocabulary lessons.

A Special Trick

Although we don't want to encourage anyone to break the law, we will share a trick that is absolutely legal.

This trick involves the use of a trial, high-end Mind Mapping Program, and the use of a trial version of a screen capture program such as SnagIt(TM)

What you do is load the trial version of each of these programs.

Then, you create all the Graphic Organizers that you think that you might use for the year and print them.

However, as you create the Graphic Organizer, you capture a bitmap copy using the SnagIt(TM) program and save this to the clipboard.

Next, you paste the clipboard contents into a word processing document with wide enough margins...maybe .5" all around.

Now, save the word processing document.

You will now be able to make minor changes and edits to the bitmap program in either a paint program or the word processing program.