Graphic Organizer Software

There ar four types of software associated with Graphic Organizers.

Examples of software tools that you can use to create a library of reusable/ multi-use organizers (to streamline instructional planning, delivery and management) are:

  • Office Suite Software
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentation Programs
    • Publishing Programs
  • Graphics Design Programs
    • Drawing Programs
    • Paint Programs
    • Photo Manipulation Programs
  • Project Management Programs
  • ...Probably Other Programs that we have not thought of Applying to Graphics Organizers, Yet

We have provides all four types of tools in this eBook so you can start now to develop your Graphics Organizer Library.

Software on the eBook

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Software that creates Graphic Organizers

You probably have a lot of software on programs on the computer that you use that can create Graphic Organizers.

These include the Office Productivity Suite applications (Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation Programs. If you use Microsoft(TM) Windows, you probably have a low end drawing program called, "Paint." All these programs can create Graphics Organizers.

If you do not have this Office Suite, we have included an Open Source (Free) Office Suite called "Open Office." This program is free to use and to share with others. Open Office applications also can save your Graphic Organizer files in the PDF file format. If you save Graphic Organizer files in the PDF format, you can share them with everyone, and the file will print exactly as you created it.

The catch with sharing Graphic Organizers that are saved in the PDF file format is that you cannot make changes to them without expensive software. However, the viewer program that opens and prints the files is free and most people who connect to the Internet have the Acrobat Reader program. We have included the latest version to save you from having to download it from the Internet.

Software that reads and prints Graphic Organizers

Besides the Acrobat Reader(TM) program, we have included a number of viewers that can read common file formats that Graphic Organizers are likely to be provided in.

These viewers include:

Copyrights for the file viewers are owned by their respective developers

Software that is a Graphic Organizer

There are a lot of software products on the market that are Graphic Organizers.

The majority of these products call themselves, "Mind Mapping" software.

The competition in this market is very strong, so all vendors seem to offer free trials of their products.

It is possible that a teacher could use a different trial version of these products each month, and never purchase a copy.

The only catch is that the formats of the various products are proprietary. This means that you cannot open the files you create with another company's product.

Inspiration(TM) and Kidspiration(TM) are products that fall into this category, and these products are often available in school districts. Inspiration and Kidspiration are easy to use, but low-end products. This means that

Graphic Organizer/ Mind Map Software

Capture and Store Online Graphic Organizers

Software that Captures and Stores Graphic Organizers