Structuring Thought with Graphic Organizers: Presentations

Presentations in this eBook

Here are links to presentations about Graphic Organizers.

These presentation include background information, and yes, theory, about the use of these strategic learning and management tools.

These presentations also provide a strategy for using a library of reusable/ multi-use organizers, so that the curriculum content drives instruction.

The curriculum is richer when focused upon meaningful information that connects with other information (such as a thematic unit).

The common practice of finding learning "activities" because they are "cute," "easy," "available," or because "students love them" is less effective than matching learning tools to the content.

You can implement such a Graphics Organizer strategy, and you won't have to spend the remainder of your disposable income on Black Line Master books, either.

This eBook contains enough graphic organizers, and links to free software and free software viewers so that you can begin at once using graphic organizers every day in a structured way.

Note, for teachers who don't have access to a Broadband connection, we provide a CD that includes the free software.

Engaging Students

Graphic Organizers engage students. Students like them because the organizers match how students think. (The organizers provide visual cues, and filling them out adds tactile and kinesthetic activity to the learning.)

Other sections in this eBook include links to tools that you will need to produce (or download) Graphic Organizers. This part of the eBook provides some theory and background rationale.

Don't groan! The theory is not that bad.

Presentations in this eBook.