Open Source Software can help you Create and Use Graphic Organizers

Open Source is "free to use for as long as you want" software.

You do not have to pay for it at any time.

Open Source software also can be of high quality.

The Open Source Software Links in this eBook is of good or excellent quality.

Note: we also offer a CD for teachers who don't have a broadband connection, because downloading this free software takes a very long time with a dial up connection.

The Open Source Software Links are...

Note: you must be connected to the Internet to use the links below.


Open Source Concept Mapping software

Compendium™ Concept Mapping

Open Source Dialogue Mapping software

Free Mind

Open Source Mind Mapping software

Gannt Project

Open Source Project Management software


Open Source Graphics Editiing software

Open Office

Open Source Office Productivity software

Stuffit Expander™ Freeware

Freeware uncompression software