Multiple Intelligences are Engaged by using Graphic Organizers

You have started down the road to engaging Multiple Intelligences when you use Graphic Organizers to structure student thinking.

Why not just extend this process to other of the students' "Intelligences."

You do not have to buy into the theory of Multiple Intelligences to prove that hands-on, graphic, musical and rhythmic, acting-out-vocabulary and social interaction all increase learning.

A variety of learning activities just represents great teaching.

Graphic Organizers (used to activate Multiple Intelligences) have to prove their worth, and have to compete in the arena of "I do it because it is easy" educational planning and management.

In order for you to buy into this system, you need to see payoffs in more work for the same amount of teaching time invested, and better student outcomes from that work.

This eBook does not explore all the theory and resources of Multiple Intelligences. However, we recommend a strategy for using a complex Graphic Organizer for student projects.

This eBook includes a Multiple Intelligences Student Project Graphic Organizer that is so strategic (and re-usable) that you can use it for students' individual and group projects every week of the school year.

Now that is a time saver!

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